NYX Underbust | Hourglass Made-to-Measure Corset

  • $242.00

Nyx is a really curvy underbust, inspired by late victorian patterns. If you're looking for comfort and curves in one garment, Nyx is the way to go. This made-to-measure piece will fit you like a glove and enhance your natural body without causing any pain or discomfort.

The waist reduction on this piece is of 10cm (4inches). If you have any experience in corsetry and you wish to reduce more than that, let us know and we will take it into account when making your pattern. If you're totally new to this, and you're worried your body won't be able to lace down that much, send us a message and we will find a way to make it just right for your figure :)

You can choose between a solid front or a zipper opening for maximum conveniency.

To see all available fabrics, please refer to this page : https://de-la-fere-couture.com/products/available-fabrics

For the best fit, please make sure to take your measurements right, if you can ask someone to help, it will be easier. If you have any question or doubt about your measurements, please tell us so that we can help you and work out your pattern just right!

By default, we will draft a 5cm lacing gap at the back, but if you wish to make it bigger or to get a fully closed corset, let us know!


Please note that this garment is made to measures and will take about 2 to 4 weeks to be shipped.