NYX Underbust | Dragon Brocard Corset

  • $242.00

Nyx is a really curvy underbust, inspired by late victorian patterns. If you're looking for comfort and curves in one garment, Nyx is the way to go. This ready-to-go piece will fit you like a glove and enhance your natural body without causing any pain or discomfort.

This garment is made of light green cotton and cream/gold brocard (with a dragon pattern at the back, and floral/abstract patterns on the other pieces). It is lined with cream cotton and closes at the back thanks to a pale green satin ribbon. We use synthetic whalebone as boning material to keep our pieces as comfortable as possible.

This piece will fit the measurements :

- Underbust : 75-82cm (29.5-33in)
- Closed Corset Waist : 52cm
- High Hip : 82-92cm (32-36in)

For other colors and sizes, you can check this page : https://de-la-fere-couture.com/fr/collections/ready-to-ship/products/nyx-underbust-hourglass-made-to-measure-corset?variant=43214637793503